Who We Are

Founded in the early 80 Ceramics Manzardo it boasts extensive experience in the installation and sale of floors and walls , with the intention to fully meet customer needs, whether he is a professional or private .

What we do

The wide range of products and the organization of the family- level cone our strength in terms of quality and competitiveness. This led Manzardo Ceramics to play an important role at the local level .


In 2008, the company has put in place a further important investment : the expansion of the showroom in Vago di Lavagno , adding to the thirty-year experience in the field of ceramics , even the bathroom furniture and wood.

Our specializations

We are engaged in the sale and installation of various materials … from terracotta to ceramics, parquet … through porcelain tile and stone . We also do maintenance of existing flooring with ad- hoc products

Where we work

we operate mainly in the Verona area , but also in the whole Veneto. Our operations team we can meet every request, always respecting the timing dictated by the final customer , or by the contractors that we commissioned the construction of entire local units .